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Passion for classic woodworking, high end custom furniture; featuring live edge designs. High end construction, custom furniture, timbers, siding and barn wood for several of the homes you'll find in the Utah Parade of Homes."

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Outlaw Woodworks was founded in January of 2014 by Dustin DeWall and his wife Jenni. Timber framing has always been a fascination of Dustin, and he's proud to be building something that lasts for centuries using the same technology and joinery that has stood the test of time in Europe and Japan for more than 1300 years. Timber framing is unique in building because of the strength it derives from joinery as well as its unique architectural atmosphere. Dustin has a passion for artisan woodworking and received his undergraduate degree in architectural woodwork throughout his career he has gained a great deal of knowledge in how the wood moves with time and as it dries. He has worked with heavy timbers for six years with experience ranging from the high end resorts of deer valley to adding unique character to custom homes. Outlaw Woodworks takes pride in continuing this heritage of timber framing craftsmanship along with using a renewable resource that has no harsh chemicals used as a preservative or adhesive as does traditional stick framed homes. With cancer and other ailments plaguing society one can’t help but to think maybe engineered materials has played a role like known culprits; asbestos and lead, making natural materials all that much more appealing. Most timber harvested in today’s market is harvested responsibly with new growth replacing the old. In recent years the Bark Beatle has infested and killed millions of acres of old growth forestry and to help combat the spread of this infectious plague and disastrous forest fires it is our responsibility to remove the standing dead from our forest lands.

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Jeff Barson, Homeowner

“We wanted truly authentic and hand-crafted timbers that weren’t built by a computer and then just stuck together like tinker toys. These guys (Outlaw) take the time to make everything perfect. They really agonize over the details and go the extra mile to deliver exactly what we wanted, and they then added to that to exceed every expectation and made it better than it was designed. Amazing! If you can get Outlaw to work on your home or project, do it!”

Will Barrett, GC Everlast Homes

“This was the first time that I’d worked with Outlaw, but it won’t be the last. The attention to detail and craftsmanship that Dustin and his team displays puts them in a league of their own.”

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Located in Heber City, Utah. With service along the Wasatch Front and Basin. Expanding service areas all the time.

Heber City, Utah
Email: dusty@outlawtimber.com